Time travel

– Mum, we’ve been studying primitive men! – Sophie had returned from school enthusiastic – And today I want to do what the prehistoric family did…
– Are you sure? In prehistoric times, there was no light, no cartoons, no computer, no chocolate biscuits… – Mum observed while organising the grocieries. – Nor a refrigerator. – She added as he placed the frozen fish in the freezer.
– But we don’t need the fridge and we can use candles at dinner! – Sophie exclaimed.
– Sophie, it’s not that easy, but now wait a minute, auntie’s calling, it’s important. – Mum said as she answered the phone and walked out of the kitchen.
– Really? So you don’t need me today?!? – An incredulous metallic voice asked as soon as Mum moved away: it was Mr Fridge.

– No, Mr Fridge, not today, you can rest. I just need to find a cold place to put everything. Under the bed… out the window… Jamessssssss!!!

– Sophie, I don’t want to be a prehistoric family! – James said looking puzzled at the supermarket bags.
– Come on, come on, we can do this. It’s easy, look: cookies and pasta go in the pantry along with rice. What do you think if we make
mammoth risotto for dinner? – Sophie asked.
– That’s a good one, mammoth risotto… Shall I get the recipe? – Mr Fridge asked with amusement. But Sophia and James were too busy to answer him, and the refrigerator decided that for that day he would not open his mouth or door again. After a few seconds, however, he began to mumble: – Have you ever seen that?
Me, the king of cold and ice. The conservation wizard! Me, without whom everything goes to waste me who has a different temperature in each compartment and who…

– Me, me, me… You’re so full of yourself! – An amused voice observed. It was Miss Micro, the microwave. – Besides, you are not the only one who can preserve. In fact, watch this! Hey, Sophie, James, come here.

The children approached Miss Micro: she was super technological, just like Mr Fridge, but also super cud- dly. A precious, secret friend.

– I see you’ve already put cookies, rice and pasta in the pantry. You can also add the sauce and jam: the packages are sealed and sterilised, so they will be fine until the expiry date.

– Yes, but once they’ve been opened, they have to be refrigerated. – Mr Fridge pointed out with great satisfaction. – What else do you have? You’ll certainly need me.
– Eggs! – Sophie answered. – Of pterodactyls – She added laughing.
– We do it like in the supermarket: you can keep them outside the fridge, but in a cool place. – Miss Micro suggested. – Who will find it?
– There! – James exclaimed, pointing to a shelf near the balcony door.
– Great. – Miss Micro nodded.
– Now we have a problem! – Sophie intervened – What do we do with the meat?
– Don’t look at me! – Mr Fridge exclaimed.
– Yes, what can we do? We could pickle them, but you have to be able to do it, and it takes time… – Miss Micro sighed. –
Mr Fridge, help us, come on! Don’t be touchy.
One of the fridge doors opened very slowly and a coloured light illuminated the compartment where the meat was stored.
– Now it’s time for this bunch of rosemary and sage – it’s so fragrant! – Sophie observed – How can we keep it like this?
– Tie it up with some twine you find in the drawer and then hang it upside down by the window. – Miss Micro suggested.
– What about these tomatoes? They’re still a little green: I’ll do as Mum does, I’ll leave them out here so they ripen. Come on, we’re almost
done. – James said contentedly, at least until he pulled out of the bag… the cream cheese!
James, Sophie and Miss Micro turned hopefully to the fridge…
Mr Fridge’s eyes grew large and satisfied: his presence was again required! Well, he knew from the beginning he was IN-DIS-PEN-SA-B-LE. Without saying anything, he opened the door and lit up with yellow, green and blue the compartment where the cheese was to be placed: it was just missing the music!
– And what do we do with this bag of apples? – Sophie asked.
– I got it, don’t worry! We keep some inside the house so you can eat them these days. And we can dry out the rest. – Miss Micro was getting the hang of it. – James, you can cut the apples into thin slices. Sophie, you can put them on the baking paper and I’ll do the rest!
As the weather warms up, we’ll turn them into apple chips that you can store for many days in a jar.