The dalmatian banana

– I’m not eating that!

James was sitting in the kitchen trying to make the poor banana he had forgotten in his backpack disappear with the force of his mind. From bright yellow, it had become a kind of Dalmatian banana, all covered in spots.
– It’s good inside. – Sophie told him wisely, peeping through the door.
– Do you want it, then? – James asked hopefully.
Sophie obviously said NO with her head.
– Hey, guys, what’s going on today? – Mr Fridge asked – What a disconsolate look… Come on, I’ll sort it out. Listen here. Do you know what’s the most outrageous thing that could happen to a fridge? Having a fever! Hahaha, did you get it?!? – the fridge was laughing its head off.
– Mr Fridge, instead of jokes, could you help me please? If Mum comes home and sees this banana… – James said.
– I get it. Let’s go online. Let’s try “How to save a banana”. – Many results appeared on Mr Fridge’s screen.
– This looks interesting: “How to Grow and Save Banana Plants”.
– But Mr Fridge! They’re not grown by us! – Sophie observed.
– Right, you’re right. Then this: “Recipes for Recovering Ripe Bananas”. Better?
– Yes, yes, let’s try it! – James exclaimed hopefully.
Suddenly recipes and photos ice creams, pancakes, three-tier cakes, waffles, fruit skewers and fried chips appeared on Mr Fridge’s screen.
– But isn’t there something simpler? – James asked, a bit stunned by all the possibilities.
– Of course there is! – a gentle voice replied. – Look for the 7-cups cake.
– Miss Micro! I’m glad you’re here. – James smiled, turning towards the microwave.
– It’s the cake I make at Grandma’s, I know how to do it! You can weight everything using the yoghurt cup!
Sophie exclaimed.
– Are you sure? Seven-cups cake?!? Never heard of it. – Mr Fridge said doubtfully. – I would prefer to make a banana parfait. Anyway, let’s see… Ah, actually there is something.

– Well done, Mr Fridge, that’s it. Let’s get to work! – Sophie was very excited. – James, would you get me that big bowl up there? In the meantime, I will look for the whisks and the cup of the yoghurt I had for breakfast.
– Here’s the bowl. I’ll break the eggs. – James said – Oh no, I’ve dropped a piece of shell! ARGH.
– Don’t worry, take it out with a fork and then add 2 cups of sugar. Now we need to whip the ingredients! We need turbo speed!
Sophie said. – My arm is starting to hurt.
– I’ll take over! – James offered himself.
– OK, I’m going to slowly pour in the oil: it should form a long, long line…
– Look at that smooth dough! – James exclaimed as he continued to whip.
– Now it’s time to add the yoghurt. – Sophie observed, emptying the cup into the bowl. The yoghurt went PLOFFFF and the dough splashed out of the bowl… – Oh, no, sorry James: the yoghurt got on your nose!
– I’m the 7-cups clown! – her brother replied cheerfully. – I’ll get the flour from the pantry.
James returned with the bag of flour and added it.
– Do it sloooow…ly. – Sophie tried to warm him, but not quickly enough: James had dropped the whole bag from the top and PUFFFFFF the kitchen had disappeared in a white cloud.
– OPS. – Sophie said.
– ACHOO! – Mr Fridge sneezed.
– Sorry… – James concluded by slowly adding the last two cups of flour while Sophie continued to mix the ingredients.
– Remember the baking powder. – Miss Micro suggested.
– Right! – Sophie said, opening the sachet and adding the last ingredient. – Done! And there’s not even a lump! – she noted proudly.
– But is it finished?!? – James asked suddenly, very worried.– And… the banana?!?
– Ah, I don’t know, I would have made ice cream… – Mr Fridge said.
– Sorry, you’re right, I forgot. – Miss Micro said, mortified – Get a fork and a bowl. Peel the banana and mash it well: it must become extreeeeeemly soft.
James and Sophie set to work: at the beginning they struggled, but then, crushing and re-crushing, they managed to obtain a very fragrant mousse.
Good job! – Miss Micro commented. – Now add it to the mixture and mix.
Done! – the two brothers exclaimed.
Perfect! It’s time to wake Mr Oven up. – The little microwave said looking at the big electric oven.
– Wake me up! I’m wide awake! Ready to cook your lasagne.
James and Sophie looked at each other in amazement: how had they not noticed before that even the oven was a Super-Hyper-Oven?
Mr Oven, you don’t look that smart to me. We’re making a banana cake, not lasagne. – Mr Fridge exclaimed a little indignantly.
Just then dad walked in with a pan in hand – Hello my little chefs! Do you know what I’m cooking for dinner? Grandma’s lasagne!
– So you are not cooking. You are reheating
– Sophie laughed.
Yes, you’re right Sophie. What are you guys up to? – Dad asked.
Super-quick banana Dalmatian cake. – James and Sophie answered in chorus.
– Great idea! We needed a dessert to enjoy after dinner. So let’s do this: I’ll put the lasagne in the microwave and you put the cake in the oven, is that OK?
Sophia and James nodded, looking fondly at Miss Micro and Mr Oven, whilst Mr Fridge, all contented, muttered under his breath: – It’s so nice to cool down, only I can do it… while you have to cook.