Anti-waste ideas from the world


The renown Spanish paella is a savoury and ancient anti-waste idea. The recipe was born more than 500 years ago in Valencia as a simple but wholesome recipe to properly employ leftovers for cooking.

Housewives used to mix rice, the main ingredient of the recipe, with everything that was left over at home and needed consuming in a paella pan, the traditional two-handle round pan used for cooking paella. It can be meat based, fish based or mixed. What cannot be missing is company: paella has always meant a good reason to be together.

Search the anti-waste recipe that best suits you on the web or ask your family what are their wishes and then set up to cook it all together. You can also be creative and design your special version of the paella! And if there’s some leftover rest assured, it will taste better the next day!

The extra idea:

The paella can be cooked in your Whirlpool microwave oven: cooking time will be shortened and the result will be a lighter but still tasty dish! Pre-cook by simmering for 5-10 m. Place in a saucepan, add broth and bake. For final baking consider 10 m at high power plus 8 m at medium power.