Talent Kitchen – your anti-waste tips!

The contest, reserved for primary schools, requires you to tell, in an original and creative way, the “Moments not to be wasted” spent in the kitchen. Send us your ideas for a sustainable diet by telling us the importance of your daily moments with food which has been chosen with social and environmental awareness.



So many stories to tell. Tell one story together, or tell many small but great stories from each individual.

Food is alive and the kitchen is a place where you can spend together moments not to be wasted, cooking and giving voice to your imagination!



Do you enjoy acting? Prepare a script and record a multi-voice reading, or record a video of a real show with sets and costumes!

Do you enjoy writing? Create a book of fairy tales…or even a collection of your own thoughts!



Do you enjoy building? Make a model, a pop-up book, a game…

Do you enjoy drawing? Tell your story with images.

Do you enjoy…? Make anything, as long as it tells that food is a precious commodity that should not be wasted.

How to partecipate?


Imagination has no limits, you can create works in any format and in any form of expression, both analogue and digital.

Entries can be from individuals, groups or classes, with no limit on numbers. A prize will be awarded to the class.



by 30/06/2022

Post or email your work. Remember to attach a short presentation and participation form.




A qualified panel will assess your entries and announce the winners!

All classes that have sent at least one entry will receive a certificate of participation.




Three nationals winners will be awarded:

£1,000 worth of kitchen appliances

For every class that participates whirlpool will make a donation to food cycle who aim to make food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past for every community.