Cook with a dishwasher!


Have you ever seen anyone cooking with the dishwasher? It sounds like science fiction… but this revolutionary cooking technique is a way to create delicacies while washing dishes: take advantage of steam and washing water optimizing energy resources!

It is important to follow some rules: use a fully loaded dishwasher and choose what to cook according to the intended washing plan.

Let’s take a simple egg as an example. If we have programmed:

– intensive washing (70 – 75 ° C) > we will get a boiled egg.

– normal washing (60 – 65 ° C) > we will get a coddled egg.

– the ECO program (50 – 55 ° C) > we will get a soft-boiled egg.

The same goes for meat, fish, shellfish, fruit and vegetables!

The advantages of this innovative method of cooking are many: cooking in the dishwasher, especially at low temperatures, allows the preservation of food taste and nutritional properties. The flavors of foods are naturally enhanced without the use of massive doses of fat and salt. We must necessarily follow some rules so that this method is safe:

  • Cooking at low temperature does not eliminate harmful bacteria. Tools and containers must be carefully sanitized to avoid bacterial proliferation
  • The food must not come into contact with the detergent. It is essential to use airtight containers such as glass jars or vacuum packing bags suitable for cooking
  • Cooking in jars enhances the characteristics of foods, only if they are fresh or if they have been properly stored.

Do you like experimenting in the kitchen? Creativity and results depend on you!