Cook without burning

Can we cook our favourite dish safely, without burning it and using less energy? The answer is yes, thanks to technology and a specific method called “induction”.

You place the containers on a surface that is cool to the touch, so you don’t get burned… So, you say, how do you cook it? This specific hob has an internal system designed in such a way as to transmit electrical energy directly to the pots or pans suitable for this type of cooking. In contact with the food container to be cooked, electricity is transformed into heat, without the need to heat the surface of the hob.

Are you curious?

Not only is this cooking system very safe, because you avoid burns on your hands or food, it is also more sustainable, because pots and pans heat up immediately and evenly and the cooking time is almost halved.

For example, to boil water to use for cooking pasta we need only 4 minutes!