Educational materials

An exclusive selection of educational materials, very easy to use in class, to explore all aspects of food education with a simple and accessible language: from purchase, to consumption, to conservation.

The teachers guide

It develops an educational pathway through: purchase, preservation and consumption. It allows the exploration of food culture and the struggle against waste in various disciplinary fields (scientific, historical, geographical, linguistic, technological, artistic, intercultural, and environmental).

Adventures in the kitchen

The Magazine of the “Young Chefs” Club for the Planet. 30 copies of a magazine, one for each student, full of curiosities, advices and activities on the topic of “anti-waste nutrition” with the aim of directly involving their families.

Kitchen game

A revisited version of the classic children’s game “Snakes and Ladders”. The illustrated board of the kitchen game is made up
of numbered boxes that remind children of the most important anti-waste rules, from shopping to food consumption. Ready, Set, Go!