Food stories: the tomato

How many times have you eaten a salad of Solanum lycopersicum? Never? And yes, with great probability, since this is the scientific name of the tomato!

Certainly “golden apple” is more reassuring than the scientific name given by the scientist Linnaeus, which means “wolf peach” (lỳkos in ancient Greek means “wolf”, and Persikòn peach, fruit of Persia). You can see that Linnaeus didn’t think this fruit came from America very suitable for men.

The tomato originated in Mexico, most likely from a wild plant with small, bitter berries, which the ancient Mayans called tomatl, a name that has stuck in the English language where our tomato is called tomato.

The Spanish brought these plants to Europe and, over time, its fruit became one of the most widely used products in the kitchen, raw or in the form of sauces and dressings for countless dishes, starting with pizza!