The Arcimboldo

Colour, cut out and frame this amazing drawing depicting a work of art by the famous Sixteenth-century painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Do you recognize all the vegetables and fruits that make up this gentleman’s face? Challenge your friends, let’s see who recognizes more horticultural products!

Good habits’ dice

Cut out and build your good habits’ dice: these are all healthy ideas to put into practice together with your family. Roll the dice in the morning and commit to following the advice throughout the day.

The Alphabet

Colour this fantastic alphabet!

Traditions’ Memory

Cut and colour the cards of the game, then challenge your friends to play this fun game called memory: put all the game cards face-down and in random order on a surface. The players, taking turns, must uncover two cards at a time in order to find suitable food pairs. The player who manages to associate more foods with their traditional recipe wins! 


It cooks food quickly, cheaply, and with a truly surprising and tasty result. About what am I talking about? Reassemble the puzzle and find out what household appliance lies in the picture.

The kitchen of the future

Today’s super-advanced technology, monitored by Apps and full control sensors, can help us make better use of our food resources. For an optimal preservation of food and to avoid food waste, what can we still invent? Now it’s up to you: imagine the kitchen of the future with its innovative tools and draw it!

Creativity’s salad

Create a story that has some vegetables or fruits with human traits as protagonists, make sure it contains at least five of these words: magic boots, Gherkin, friends, union, parasites, enchanted garden, Ser asparagus, together, Fairy Melina, freshness, children. Unleash your imagination!