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What do astronauts eat in space?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are very uncommon and are substituted by a wide variety of pre-cooked and dehydrated foods contained in single use, vacuum sealed packages. Even drinking a simple glass of water can be challenging in space: if we want to avoid liquids floating around inside the spaceship cubicle all beverages must be contained in squeezable bags. Furthermore, foods which crumble such as crackers or biscuits are forbidden: the crumbs floating inside the cabin might end up in the eyes or nostrils of the astronauts or even jam the air conducts. For the same reason salt and pepper are not in their usual powder form but are stored in a dense liquid state.

What about pizza? This worldwide Food Queen has not had much success in space missions. In fact, it is impossible in orbit to replicate the crunchiness we all love! Instead, they never fall short of chocolate and coloured sugar-coated peanuts: the astronauts enjoy gently floating them inside their mouth.

Besides food, what makes a meal in space unforgettable is the view you enjoy amid the stars!