Local specialities

Rely on labels to recognise local typical flavours and culinary traditions!

A keen eye on the package will give you the possibility to discover the typical local manufacturing and the production techniques connected to the tradition and the history of the product.

These are the most important brands, according to the European Union:

  • PDO – Protected Designations of Origin. In order to bear this brand, all of the manufacturing and product transformation stages have to take place within a defined geographic area. This is what happens, for instance, to several types of cheese, such as the Italian Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, the British Staffordshire Cheese and the Polish Bryndza Podhalanska. But also to the Slovakian Stupavské Zelé, a typical fermented sliced cabbage!
  • PGI – Protected Geographical Indications. The brand is conferred if at least one manufacturing stage takes place within a defined geographical area. Olio di Puglia, for instance, is a typical oil that is produced only in the Puglia region, in Italy; Oravský Korbácik, a traditional cooked paste cow’s milk cheese, is made in the Orava region, in Slovak Republic.
  • TSG – Traditional Speciality Guaranteed. It certifies products made through a production method which is strictly connected to the tradition of a defined geographical area, but these products are not necessarily produced in that area. Examples are the Traditional Bramley Apple Pie Filling, a typical English apple dessert, and by the Kielbasa Jalowcowa, a Polish pork sausage with spicy notes of juniper.

Look for products from your Country with one or more of these designations on the shelves of the supermarket. Good luck with your treasure hunt!