No waste at school!

An increasingly common practice in restaurants around the world is to request the doggy bag : a bag in which to store leftovers, so you can take them home with you and avoid wasting them.

In some cities, this good habit is becoming more and more widespread, even in school canteens where we too can do our part by bringing home our lunch leftovers.

In this way, we can prevent waste, but not only that. By bringing home the leftovers from our school lunch, we can share with our family a real… moment not to be wasted!

In fact, we can use our leftovers to create a recipe together with the food we already have at home, a new dish that can become our dinner: an omelette made with leftover pasta, a soup with the vegetables that were in our side dish at lunch, tasty croutons made with bread… An explosion of flavours, made with our leftovers!