No waste, everything can be turned into something else

Glass jars or aluminium trays, plastic bottles or steel cans, Tetra Pack or bioplastic containers… Packaging is an essential resource thanks to its multiple functions: it can contain either raw materials or finished products, it helps preservation and transport of goods, it protects them from external contamination and it avoids waste and food dispersion in the environment.

The food sector uses a lot of packaging, from the journey to the supermarket to the preservation in our kitchens. Exactly like the food it contains, packaging is a resource that must not be wasted, because once it is recycled it can be turned into something new:

  • lots of steel cans of tomato sauce can make a manhole cover.
  • 13 plastic bottles can make a football t-shirt.
  • 220 aluminium cans can make a scooter.
  • 95 aluminium trays can make a frying pan.

Always remember that packaging has to be properly recycled to avoid waste!