Shopping … is an adventure!

When you go to the supermarket there are a lot of things you can do to learn more about what you eat and make the shopping more fun.

1. Check the label

It is the ID of a product. Read it with your grandfather, grandmother, parents, uncles and aunts. What information do you find? Why is this information important? Set a challenge: who will find the milk with the least fat, locally-sourced eggs and organically grown fruit?

 2. Plastic? No thanks!

Another element that you have to pay attention to in the supermarket is packaging. Avoid the plastic-packaged products and buy loose fruit. In addition, you ought to think carefully about how much food you actually need. Because if you don’t eat it before the expiry date, it will be wasted. Check your family’s basket and encourage buying the products without the plastic packaging.

3. Shopping starts at home

Before going shopping, check what’s already in the cupboards and in the fridge! Then write your list on a sheet or note it on the phone of an adult relative. In this way, shopping will be easier and faster and you will avoid buying things you don’t need! How much will you spend? Try to guess the price of each product … who will get closer to the exact amount?