Steaming: healthy and tasty!

By now we know very well: when we eat, it’s not only the food we choose that counts, but also the way it was cooked.

In fact, cooking food can make it very tasty, but it can also destroy most of its nutritional properties… Amongst the different cooking techniques, there is one that is particularly capable of keeping taste and well-being intact; it is a technique that is very frequently used in Asian cuisine to prepare vegetables, dumplings and much more.

That’s right, we’re talking about steaming!

With this method of cooking, the food is cooked thanks to the steam generated by water brought to a boil, or at least at a very high temperature. To produce the steam, we can choose a particularly safe, sustainable and technological method: the oven. In fact, the latest generation of ovens offer this cooking mode, as well as the ability to bring the water very quickly to boiling temperature. In addition, thanks to sensors that detect the degree of humidity, this is automatically adjusted to allow the delicate cooking process.

In this way, we can cook everything: vegetables that will remain very colourful and tender, meat, fish and even fruit.

In fact, steam allows food to be cooked evenly, reaching the surface on which it is placed. In addition, we can flavour the water with basil, parsley or other herbs to give a richer taste to our dish!