Stuffed pasta, a speciality from around the world!

The Italian cuisine provides many varieties of stuffed pasta, different in shape, size, type of filling, how to taste and … name! Agnolotti, tortelli, pansotti, cappelleti… or more generically “ravioli”, a name that would derive from the mysterious chef Ravioli, who would have lived in Genoa almost a thousand years ago.

The different varieties of stuffed pasta are not just an Italian characteristic. In fact, all over the world and in every culture it is prepared with different ingredients, different cooking and different uses, maybe for breakfast!

Let’s take a trip to kitchens around the world and find out more about stuffed pasta.

Let’s start with China, where “dumplings” are very popular! They are steamed or cooked on a griddle and are eaten as an appetizer, especially on holidays. Even in Chinese cuisine, their name varies according to their shape and filling: baozijaozixiaomaiwonton… There’s something for everyone!

A typical Polish dish is pierogi, crescent-shaped dumplings filled with meat, cheese, potatoes and mushrooms. They are boiled and topped with sour cream. A different taste from ours, but really appetizing! 

Samosas are one of the most popular Indian dishes, perfect for those who are vegetarians and therefore do not eat meat. The dough is made with chickpea flour, and the filling is made with mixed vegetables, such as potatoes and peas. These dumplings are eaten fried!

To finish, apple dumplings, a speciality of the United States have a very original preparation. The dough is filled with a whole apple, peeled and cored, to which sugar, dried fruit and cinnamon are added. Once closed, they are sprinkled with butter and baked in the oven. That’s right, sweet, gigantic stuffed pasta!