Taste and cinema

There are a lot of movies and cartoons with food at the centre of their stories.

The main characters are the cuisine colours, the sounds of pots and dishes, the tempting smell of culinary specialities and the feelings that are connected to them.

Food generates stories and the kitchen is the first place to dream in.

Remy, the little mouse at the centre of the animated movie Ratatouille, knows that. Remy, born with highly refined senses of smell and taste, dreams of cooking in a renowned French restaurant, boosted by the motto “anyone can cook”. His passion for cooking will take him to get involved in insidious but fun adventures together with his new friends. Will Remy be able to conquer the most unscrupulous critic and to gain the desired title of chef, with the traditional ratatouille?

If you still do not know this little mouse’s story, organise the vision of the film with your friends. And don’t forget to bring popcorn!