The most wasted foods


Did you know about the Waste Parade? It is a ranking of the most wasted foods by families in the UK. According to research by Hotpoint, bread is the most wasted food in the country, followed by bagged salad, fresh vegetables, fruit and milk. At the bottom of the list we find eggs, cheese, meat and fish.

There are many reasons why these foods are thrown away … what a pity!

For example, why is bread is topping the list? Maybe we throw it away because we buy too much of it, or because we prefer it always fresh and in the following days, we no longer like its taste because it has hardened.

And yet, “old” bread can be used to make soups, croutons or breadcrumbs…

With a little care and commitment, you can try buying only the food that you and your family really need. You will prevent it from being wasted!