Moments not to be wasted is an educational project for sustainable and ethical food consumption created by the Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool is strongly committed to reduce food waste through the production of innovative and efficient technologies for the preservation, preparation and consumption of food.

This project aims to involve children and their families in the fight against food waste, promoting the value of food as a culture and as an important moment of family life.

The food supply chain, from production to final consumption, has numerous flaws. Wastage in the family is still prevalent in Europe even if it is decreasing. Widespread awareness of these issues has played and continues to play an important role in resolving food wastage, especially by involving children as little educators of good practices to their own parents.

The kitchen is at the centre of the educational path, where even the youngest of children have the opportunity to experience food first hand.

The project ends with a rewarding educational contest  which gives visibility to the children’s creative work as well as involving them in a charitable action.


Using a playful and joyful approach, the topic of “no-waste” is addressed through the different phases in which each family can give its contribution: the purchasing of food, its correct preservation and preparation.

Several multidisciplinary insights, from food chain, to food safety and hygiene and up to interculturality and solidarity, encourage children to consider nutrition not as a need to be met superficially, but as a source of life moments that count for them, for the community and for the whole planet.